Popular under water activities in Mauritius

Colourful underwater coral reef scene captured with underwater photography during scuba diving

Few things are more thrilling than a vocational trip incorporating a broad range of underwater activities. So, if you are considering visiting Mauritius in the future, including some water sports. The Island’s natural beauty makes it a perfect retreat for romantic couples and honeymooners who desire to enjoy every minute by participating in various activities. Worried you may not find your favourite water sport? You do not have to. The range of activities is vast. From underwater sea walks to diving, rest assured there suits your preference. Below is our detailed elaboration of the same;

Cave Diving

Cave Diving in Mauritius takes you to an amazing underwater cave near the village of Tamarin, to the South West of the Island. So, what makes this site unique? It features impressive high sea cliffs, arches, rock formations, holes and a cave. Since the cave starts as a submerged cliff, it presents a picturesque beauty. The fact this water activity takes place at the drop-off starting at 18 meters at the peak formation, this water activity is exciting.

Underwater Photography and Videography

A video is even more if a photo is worth a thousand words. The reality of that phrase comes out clearly when you are underwater in Mauritius; the waters have good visibility that reaches over 30 m/100 feet on a good day. Under water photography and videography highlights on the island waters include several species of morays, curious peacock mantis shrimp and striped eel catfish. Bring out your outstanding photography skills, shooting some of the exciting to photograph aquatic life, particularly catfish, as they attempt to hide behind coral reefs, effectively enabling you to get closer.

Underwater sea walk

Is it even possible to walk underwater? Absolutely! First, there is a short pre-departure briefing about the gear, safety procedures, etc. Next, with the assistance of guides, you enter into the water till your shoulder level. The guide then places a helmet over your head and assists you in descending 3-4 meters below the water’swater’s surface. The headgear enables you to sink and remain deep underwater. To some people, helmet walks, another name for the activity, create a feeling of accomplishment, a step in the right direction for aspiring swimmers and a dream come true.

Submarine scooter

Driving an engine while submerged in many people sounds like a magical dream. The activity is rare; only very few other places offer it. Surprisingly, you do not have to be a scuba diver or professional swimmer. You intuitively drive an underwater scooter a few meters down the ocean, effectively coming close to the magnificent marine life. So, if you are after an electrifying experience to enjoy in the ideal summer conditions the Island is known for, and nothing beats riding a submarine scooter.


Mauritius is widely known for its turquoise waters and rare aquatic creatures that lurk in new underwater scenery. Located about 600 miles east of Madagascar, the Island is remote and ideal for various water activities. So, if you consider yourself a water sports enthusiast find time to sample the offerings of the Island. Bring along your camera and record the delightful moments. From cave diving to a submarine scooter, you have a fun, exceptional and environmentally-friendly way to see and take photos or videos of the beautiful submarine diversity of the high seas.