Most popular on water activities in Mauritius

windsurfers on the le morne beach in mauritius
Windsurfers on the Le Morne beach in Mauritius

We are all fascinated by water activities in one way or another. While some prefer calm and tranquil waters, others find turbulent, roiling currents irresistible. Regardless of your favourite type, one thing is for sure; on water activities are enthralling.

your favorite sport is a breeze for a country like Mauritius, with a remarkable coastline. The country boasts an extensive water
border that suits various activities. The activities are diverse and include those that do not require prior swimming training. You can learn more about the different water sports practiced in Mauritius at Additionally, you may fall in love with some of the on-water activities outlined below.

Catamaran Cruise

This water activity allows you to explore the extraordinary lives of spectacular marine mammals in their natural habitats. You will get a lifetime to treat watching dolphins and Whales tease in the crystal clear waters. Plunge into the wonderful world of these strong mammals as you swim with the dolphins in the shallow pools and the open sea. Catamaran Cruise brings face to face with strikingly beautiful scenery, pristine landscape, and magnificent animals.


Riding a surfboard right before a violent wave as it carries you ashore will make your decision to tour Mauritius worthwhile. The destination has many surfing kites, kite surfing, windsurfing, and diving. Being an exotic island featuring verdant volcanic valleys and pinnacles set in the magic Indian Ocean, the various surfing types provide a sight to behold. The awesome waves hitting the coral waves, as well as the idyllic beaches, make the
island, a mecca for surfing.


Besides being calm, it provides a much-needed break from the busy life of daily chores. Mauritius is surrounded by clear lagoons and offers a perfect setting for this water activity. Head to Amber Island, which boasts 140 hectares of the feature, and get a lovely view of the surrounding mangrove forest as you kayak on unruffled shallow waters. Paddle along the corrugated shore to see different species of plants and butterflies.


This water activity gives you a fascinating view of the lagoons below and gorgeous turquoise waters. There are different locations to enjoy this activity. Towards the country’s North West lies Grand Baie, on the east coast is Belle Mare, while on the central East Coast is Trou D’Eau Douce. You have the option of performing Touch and Go. In this case, instead of merely reeling back towards the boat on your way down, you lower and
make a dip in the sea below for a refreshing plunge.

Deep Sea Fishing

Take part in the water activity for fun and to catch a delicious meal for dinner. Paradise island offers some of the healthiest fish on the planet. Dorado, one of the fish species, weighs up to 40 pounds. Others include wahoo, snapper, marlin, roosterfish, and sailfish. Even if you are not proficient in fishing, there is no cause for concern. A seasoned individual will show you the best fishing spot and give you the right bait for your preferred fish.


Mauritius is the ultimate place for different enjoyable water-related activities. The many attractive beaches, crystal clear waters, and magnificently calm water lagoons mean you have many exciting water sports at your disposal. Since some do not require prior training in swimming, the activities cater to all and sundry. Find one that best suits you, and you will have a holiday to remember.

Water Sports Activities and Spots in Mauritius That You May Like!

The tropical paradise island of Mauritius is located about 2,000 kilometres from the African continent in the Indian Ocean. The island was originally a Dutch, then French, and then a British colony, finally winning independence in 1968.

Visiting Mauritius on holiday is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The island is a hot tourist destination due to its white sand beaches, great climate, and excellent marine life. The steady winds make for plenty of windsurfing plus waves for regular surfing, as well as kite surfing and diving.

Surfing Is World Renowned Here!

The beaches on the south and west of the island are where the deep water and tall waves pound the shoreline. The Le Morne Peninsula is a favourite gathering place for new and experienced surfers. In addition, there is the Riviere de Galets, known for very wild wave action, and Tamarin Bay, which has some of the most massive waves reaching over ten ft. or more.

While not considered a water sport, the beaches on the northern and eastern coasts are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Here people find a more shallow beach area and far less wind is best.
For Windsurfing and Kitesurfing, Here Is Where To Go!

In many parts of the world, the problem with finding great windsurfing and kitesurfing locations is that the wind isn’t strong enough or consistent. Not with Mauritius; however, in fact, many times, the wind is too strong for beginning and intermediate windsurfers. Not to worry, though; places on the fringes of the high-wind areas will suffice.

If you go to the St. Regis beach near Le Morne Peninsula and find the wind too loud, you can go to the nearby lagoon and head for “One Eye.” You’ll see a little less wind with some of the largest and smoothest waves on the island.

Diving Is Also A Popular Watersport In Mauritius!

Diver by wreck

Due to the warm waters and many shipwrecks around the island, you can go on plenty of excursions to see the various wrecks. Many are centuries old and have been well preserved for tourists to view. The best way to find an expedition is to contact the local hotels to see which ones are nearby and what skill level the dives require.

Some wrecks are near the surface, while others are much deeper. In addition, plenty of marine wildlife excursions show the wide variety of reef and fish species that can be viewed by snorkeling. You can even reach many snorkeling locations from the shore, but renting a small boat is far more comfortable, primarily if a small group of you can split the costs and enjoy the scenery.

You are now better prepared to enjoy the best watersports in Mauritius. Make sure you take along plenty of sun blocks, sun hats, and other ways to keep from getting burned like the sun will shine nearly every day, with small breaks for an afternoon to break up the heat.